Alicia Shumaker

Alicia Shumaker, founder of Flamingo Consulting LLC, has a passion for seeing other’s businesses grow from a simple dream to large organizations.  Despite it’s bright name, Alicia has built a Marketing and Branding agency that strives to remain invisible, allowing her clients’ authentic brand voice to resonate.  Through unique brand voice workshops, social media development and management, and market research expertise, Alicia has developed a one-stop-shop for small businesses to truly own their brand and speak to their ideal clients.

Six years ago, Alicia left a corporate job to be home with her growing family, but knew she wanted to continue to support businesses wanting to grow and adapt to the changing social world.  Through continued relationships, in-depth sales training and techniques, and a strong research base, Alicia has grown from a one-woman contractor to an agency with team members and clients across the country.