About Cindy Weschrob

Cindy Weschrob, Certified Optavia Coach is originally from Boston, MA. She moved to Arizona in 2005 with her husband and two sons. She currently resides in Queen Creek, AZ with her husband. Cindy holds her BSBA in Business Administration/Accounting. As much as she loves Accounting, she found a new passion in Health Coaching.

Cindy struggled with her health and weight all her life in May 2020 started a health journey. Cindy and her husband combined have released over 170 pounds and now Cindy is showing others how to live the life they always dreamed of. As a professional dieter Cindy wants to show you how to break free of the diet mentality and live the life you always dreamed of.

Cindy and her husband love to travel with Hawaii being one of their top destinations. They are both active in community service. Cindy enjoys walking, reading, cooking and playing games with friends.

Cindy is here to offer hope, inspiration, guidance.