Craig Nichols

Craig Nichols is from Clovis, Ca.  Married to his wife Cindy for 20 years, and has two awesome granddaughters.  1 Dog “Bear” and 1 cat “Simba”  Horses are gone now, but 4 chickens keep the farm feel alive.   Craig is the oldest of 6 kids and grew up all over the country . Literally.  Born in Florida and spent most of his growing up years between the east coast and the Great Lakes region of the country.

Craig has been a successful business owner for 30 years.  With a background in EMS, Hospitality, and Advertising, his career spans many fields.  Approx. 20 years ago, Craig made the switch to Animal Husbandry.  He is a Certified Dog Trainer, a Certified Farrier, and a Veterinary Chiropractitioner.  Specializing in Horses, dogs and cats.  Craig also has 20+ years of Horse training and behavior work.

3 years ago, Craigs Farrier career came to a screeching halt, due to a sneeze.  Yep, a sneeze. Back surgery, with fusion, and a cervical disk replacement.  No more shoeing horses.   Since rediscovering himself, Craig is now a Professional Network Marketer.  He is affiliated with My Daily Choice.  Flagship products are CBD based, and the biggest reason to choose this company was to continue his Chiropractic business, and use these products as tools.

Craig thoroughly enjoys meeting new strangers, becoming friends, and eventually “Family”.  Craig is a dedicated servant to others.  He invites questions and knowledge whenever needed or possible.