About Donna Willard

I lived the first 47 years in Waynesboro, a small south central Pennsylvania town.  As my daughter, Katie was growing up, I worked flexible jobs that allowed me to participate in most of her activities.  I worked in a Chiropractors office, coached field hockey at the high school, was a consultant with Pampered Chef to name a few.  I also volunteered in my community, with a few organizations, but most of my focus was with Girl Scouts, in fact I say “I volunteered my way into a job”.  The three years before I moved to AZ, I worked for the Girl Scouts in the Heart of PA as a membership specialist with a focus on Outreach in the City of York.  I spent five years in AZ and loved the weather, the activities/opportunities and the people.
Now, I’m back in PA, living in York County, close enough to visit my hometown located in Franklin County.  I knew upon arriving back in PA I would need to network in order to get my pet sitting (Go Away Pet Sitting) and Send Out Cards businesses up and running.  I love networking, because, I love helping others and I feel great about promoting local small business.  Giving referrals to others is the best.  Even now, I hear friends ask for services in AZ and I’m like “I know somebody” and I share that information.