Kathy Gavin

With over 20 years of crochet and multitude of years in crafting – to say that it’s a passion would be an understatement. After many years in Corporate New York, then becoming a stay at home mom – it was time to turn that passion into a business where the love of handmade arts could be brought to center stage again. Craft Central was born in 2018 and the craft events gained popularity and notoriety in Delaware winning a “First State Favorite” and “Readers Choice award” in its first year of business. With the changing times the format has reformed to Virtual Crochet Classes, custom handmade items and craft kits. Recently with many craft fairs being cancelled- a craft fair website was started to have a forum for artists and crafters to showcase their lovingly created items online making it convenient for buyers who love handmade products to purchase directly from the makers. This is a great support for small businesses! As a creator myself, I understand the heart, soul, creativity, time and love that goes into a handmade item and hope to inspire that appreciation to as many people as I can!