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About Lisa Hart Pelton

Lisa Hart Pelton grew up moving around the world so she understands the importance of making strong relationships. Until she lived in MN for 30 years, the longest she had lived in one place was 5 years in Beirut, Lebanon. Lisa moved to the Greenville area of South Carolina two years ago. She has been married 30 years this June and is the very proud Mom of her two adult daughters. Her oldest daughter still lives in MN and her youngest daughter, son-in-law, and grandson Jacob just moved nearby in SC this past Fall. Family and friends are the core of Lisa’s love of life.
Lisa is the CEO of

Lisa is the CEO of She loves helping others grow their businesses and serves in that capacity in four of the subdivisions of CelebrateWithHART. She helps business owners grow their business with repeat sales and increased referrals through the client appreciation tool and opportunity of SendOutCards. She removes the headaches of how to follow up with the quick, simple, economical, conveniently located on your smart phone app of SendOutCards. After 14 years of being a licensed Realtor in MN, Lisa serves Realtors across the nation with her Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services. She takes the headaches away with her thorough coverage of Realtor’s Listings and Transactions Files so agents can focus on the building relationships with more clients. Lisa’s third heart or division of is sharing a healthier lifestyle. She has lost 100 lbs in the past year and loves the feeling of living a healthy life so she can play with her grandson! Lisa shares the products and opportunity of Vasayo. After suffering with fibromyalgia for 23 years with its pain, depression, and sleep disorders, Lisa loves sharing the Vasayo products with fellow suffers. The fourth heart of CelebrateWithHART is Networking and helping others connect with those that can help others grow their businesses.

Lisa looks forward to connecting in person with members new to the S-E-V-E-N Chapter in Upstate SC and connecting online with other members.


Upstate SEVEN meets EVERY Wednesday from
9:00 a.m. till 10:15 a.m. at Commerce Club
55 Beattie Place, 17th FL. One Liberty Square Building, Greenville, SC