Hello! I’m Janet Piselli from Sunshine State of Wellness.
Sometimes it can be hard to explain the products I promote because people don’t really understand how there are magical socks, insoles, or arm sleeves that reduce pain, increase strength, endurance,   stability, and to help our brain with focus, clarity, less stress and anxiety. And how it’s possible for you to stop relying on products like pain killers, over the counter insoles, vitamins and supplements to get those results.
Our products aren’t magical, just science based. Neuro-technology, or neuro-tech, is a tool that interacts with the nervous system to change its activity.
Our products have neuro-tech in the form of patterns embedded in our product which press against your skin and stimulate a change to your nervous system.  I love helping anyone who is looking for better wellness. If you aren’t sure if the products will work for  you in your life, please get in touch with me and I’ll send you some information and then we can chat.
And again, I’m Janet Piselli from Sunshine State of Wellness.


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