About Vanessa Rea Beggs

Vanessa Rae (Beggs) is on a mission to end eating dysfunction, body image issues, low self-esteem and body berating in women and girls. As a lifelong student of the metaphysical, spiritual, musical and healing arts she has studied, been trained and certified in multiple disciplines including Holistic/Energetic Bodywork, Integrative Coaching, Yoga, Counseling, Reiki and received her degree in music from Mills College. Most recently, she trained directly with Marianne Williamson, and became a Miracle-Minded Coach under her mentorship.

After healing her own eating disorder of nearly 20 years, Vanessa developed her own holistic, innovative, spiritual approach to weight loss, food freedom, and outrageous confidence, and helps women and girls end the battle and liberate their light. Her first book is due out in 2022 and her video series is currently available. Vanessa offers group classes and 1:1 coaching. Though a CA Bay Area native, she currently resides in PA with her sweet daughter Violet and works on music in her spare time.